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My name is Priscilla Paxton and I am the vivid incarnation of desire. I prefer a life of spontaneity, as I am creative, epicurean, and warm. I enjoy the beauties of life, such as sandy beaches, salty air, exotic fruits, and sun kissed skin. I am active in the arts and pursuing my passions. I enjoy elegant evenings with a glass of wine in hand and dancing the night away under the stars; or a cozy evening entertaining company watching old movies.

I am a 23 year old Spanish woman who spends my day pampering my body and drinking a coffee while tending to my houseplants, or going on a luxurious shopping trip or taking a stroll in the Hills. I have an extensive pampering routine for my body, face, hair and skin which will translate into your captivating experience. I integrate warmth, positivity and graciousness into every experience I pursue and would love to show you the many ways I do so.

Tantric healing massages were destined for me, as they provide me with satisfaction as I am able to deliver ultimate pleasure to each and every one of my personalized healing sessions. As your philanthropist of desire, I will be my unadulterated self and tend to your every need, allowing my healing aura to course through you. After our time together, your intuition will be crisp, your mind will be refreshed and your body will be satisfied.

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